Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between a single stage furnace, a two-stage furnace, and a two-stage variable-speed furnace?

The “variable-speed” refers to the blower motor of a furnace while the “two-stage” refers to a furnace’s gas valve and burners. A single-stage furnace runs its blower motor and has a fixed gas valve to operate at one single speed at all times.

A two-stage furnace runs its blower motor at one steady speed at a time. The gas valve has two different stages, low fire and high fire. When the furnace first turns on it starts in the first stage, or low fire, and will run the furnace at about 70%-80% of the rated capacity of the furnace. The furnace will go to the second stage, or high fire, on one of two conditions. 1. When the thermostat needs to go higher than 2 degrees or 2. The furnace has been operating for longer than a certain amount of time.

The two-stage variable-speed furnace takes full advantage of both the gas valves high fire and low fire settings and the blower motors multiple speeds and has the highest efficiency possible on the market.

Which furnace is better?

Compared to a single-stage furnace, a two-stage furnace is definitely the better choice. The two-stage furnace operates in low fire longer, ultimately burning less fuel than a single-stage furnace. By using a longer, low output, heat cycle the two-stage furnace is able to minimize temperature swings in your home. Also, a fan running at a longer time at a lower speed increases the effectiveness of the system’s air filters, allowing them to capture and remove more contaminants.

The variable-speed furnace does everything the two-stage furnace does and more! Its advanced technology is able to constantly monitor and adjust its blower settings to account for things in your home that restrict airflow, such as your ductwork, furnace location and even a dirty air filter. Being able to constantly adjust the blower motor means your furnace runs much more efficiently than a single-stage or two-stage furnace so you save energy and money! Customers have reported saving as high as 30% on their electric bills after upgrading to a variable-speed furnace.

What brand furnace/AC is best?

When customers are asked which brands they believe are the best in the industry, they typically say one of three brands. Trane, Carrier, or Lennox, all of which spend extremely large amounts of money advertising each and every year. Those advertising costs are paid for by one single group, THE CONSUMER.

All the furnace manufacturers offer a 10 year parts warranty and nothing more, but what happens after 10 years and your heat exchanger cracks? You’re buying a new over-priced system again. They’re making furnaces and air conditioners to break down after 15 years. So what other choices do you have?

You call Bast Heating & Cooling and we will give you an estimate on a new Amana system! Amana is the only manufacturer that makes a system to last. They stand behind their product with a 10 year parts warranty and a LIFETIME Replacement warranty! Bast Heating & Cooling is a proud Amana dealer and we stand behind a company that truly stands behind and guarantees their products.

How much does a new system cost?

There are many factors that come into play when looking at new systems such as size, efficiency, brand, location and add-ons such as humidifiers, air cleaners, and UV lights to give you the best system for your needs.

Bast Heating & Cooling offers EXCELLENT financing options to make your dream home comfort system the best it can be! We offer 12 months 0% interest financing and also low monthly payment options to fit every customers needs!

Why choose Bast Heating & Cooling?

Three simple reasons. 1. No one in the industry beats our customer service. We have a perfect 5 star rating success rate so far and plan on keeping it that way. 2. We have had 0 call backs on any of our installs. We take pride in our work and do the job correct the first time and last but not least 3. We offer the longest and best warranty. Period. We offer a 10 year parts warranty on all models and on select models we offer Lifetime furnace replacement and a 10 year labor warranty. That’s right, 10 YEARS! That’s 9 years longer than most companies in the area and 5 years longer than even the best warranty we’ve ever seen in Pittsburgh!

Call us today to get a quote on the last furnace you’ll ever have to purchase! You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Do you work with Home Warranty Companies?

At this time, we DO work with quite a few different home warranty companies. We do work for American Home Shield, Home Security of America, Cross Country Home Services, Sears Home Services, and others. We also have contracts with a few local housing management companies where we service over 1,000 homes in the greater Pittsburgh area!

If we do not work with your home warranty company yet, feel free to let us know and let your home warranty company know about us! We are ever expanding and always wanting to help new customers!

How much does a service call cost?

Our typical service call is $99 for the diagnosis and covers the first hour of work. The cost of after hours calls (monday through Friday between 5pm and 8am and weekends) are $185 for the diagnosis and covers the first hour of work.

Do you offer yearly maintenance contracts?

Yes, we do. Our service contracts are only $152 per year and include a furnace clean and check in the fall before it gets cold and an AC clean and check in the spring before the heat comes!

As an added bonus, customers who sign up for maintenance contracts get 10% off on all parts and labor and get priority scheduling!

Do you install humidifiers, air cleaners, or UV lights?

We install humidifiers, air leaners, uv lights, and more! We have even installed whole house de-humidification systems for customers with high humidity issues. Some of our affiliates and partners include Reme Halo, Aprilaire, and Bosch

What brand hot water tanks do you install?

We install A.O. Smith, Rheem, and Bradford White traditional hot water tanks. We also install Rannai tankless hot water heaters and Bosch point of use hot water heaters.

If you have any questions that you could not find the answer to on our FAQ list, feel free to call us at any time. We are here to make your purchase as easy and stress-free as possible.