Why Choose Bast?


the bast way

bast: state of the art

Bast Heating & Cooling uses state of the art press machines and fittings with o-rings to ensure a safe, proper, clean and lasting union without contaminating your brand new system. At times, press fittings can not be used and when we have to use a flame to make a union, we do so with low heat as to not burn or weaken the copper or leave any contaminants inside your sealed system. This standard at Bast Heating and Cooling leads to a longer and healthier life for your AC system with less breakdowns!

bast: Safety and satisfaction

Bast Heating & Cooling tries to exceed every guideline and code set by governing agencies. The customers satisfaction is second only to their safety. We take extra time at each job to go through a checklist to make sure no shortcuts were taken and that the system is ready for any weather ahead! To be certain, we make sure our installers are not overworked and we limit them to 1 install per day to make sure they’re not rushing any job.

Bast: Value and cost efficiency

While we cost more than these “too-good-to-be-true” prices you may see, we have options to work with everyone to come up with an affordable plan to get your system fixed regardless of your situation. We make sure flue pipes and drain lines are angled to the slope required and furnaces are set perfectly to ensure they drain properly. You will get new emergency shut off switches installed, correct and new gas piping, new flue piping, new drain lines, etc… We try not to re-use anything if at all possible. Our employees are not just tools to Bast Heating & Cooling, but members of our family. We care about them and they care about us resulting in both employee and employer caring about the company and most importantly, YOU, the customer.

Bast: the right tools, the right way

Bast Heating & Cooling has every tool needed to complete each job properly, every time. By choosing Bast Heating & Cooling, you can put your worries to bed by knowing you have a trustworthy company to handle all of your HVAC needs. We are not going to compromise our integrity or good name for a dollar. There’s only one way of doing a repair or an installation, THE RIGHT WAY.
There’s good. There’s better. Then there’s Bast!

The other way

old school methods

What most customers do not know is what goes on INSIDE their sealed AC system. Our competitors use oxy-acetylene torches to heat the copper and melt metal rods around a joint to seal it. Heating copper to such a high temperature does a few things. Firstly, it oxidizes the copper which weakens both the copper and the fitting. Second, it creates black soot from impurities in the copper which are left behind inside the copper lines to contaminate your brand new system. These impurities can lead to clogs, higher operating pressures, very expensive repairs, higher electric bills, and can take years off the overall life of your system. Lastly, it looks terrible.

don't sacrifice safety

Unfortunately, not all companies are the same. The government has given codes for companies to meet or exceed when doing trade work. Some companies do not follow those codes and guidelines. They risk the health and safety of each of their customers. The risk for poisoning by carbon monoxide is a serious concern.

too good to be true?

Cost of installation plays a large part in how the furnace or AC will be installed. There are no doubt people sell furnaces, AC’s, and/or full systems at a price so discounted it is almost an on-the-spot purchase for customers being mindful of their money. What does that mean for their new system? It means they will most likely re-use everything they possibly can to make sure they still turn a profit. Instead of drilling a hole through the wall and running correct size flue pipes, they connect to the old chimney liner which is against codes, guidelines, and more importantly, ILLEGAL! Instead of using proper duct work material they use metal tape and short pieces of pipe they have left over to try to fit it together and make it work. This typically leave things crooked, un-level, and not meeting code. Lastly, they install the system as fast as possible to complete as many installs as they can in one day to make as much money as they can. They don’t take their time or have your best interest at heart. This does happen more than you’d think (even in this local area), so beware and be careful.

flawed repairs

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop with just installs. Repairs can be flawed and we have seen it all! Different systems have different requirements to operate properly. Some parts need specialized tools as well. If a repair person does not have the correct tool and tries to hide it by using sealant to stop a leak, the homeowner is now responsible to pay for a repair they were lead to believe were completed and correct. Shortcuts like this can cost the homeowner thousands of dollars overall and possibly have to replace the whole system.

what bast customers are saying...

“Happy to find a trustworthy honest company that looks out for the customer.Brian came out on a Sunday evening to service us. Great work thank you for doing a great job ”

-Geri Huber

“Great experience.Brian diagnosed and fixed my a/c very quickly. Squeezed me in ahead of schedule on a Friday and I did not have to spend a weekend in a hot house. Very courteous and professional. Highly recommend!”


“Brian is a life saver! We went through our home warranty. The first company they wanted to send out couldn't get to our house for 2 weeks! During a heat wave! After a few calls back and forth we got a sooner appointment with Bast. Brian came in the time frame promised. Within 25 minutes of Brian being there the sweet, sweet cold air that hasn't blown in our house for a week began blasting out of our vents. Not only was Brian a genuinely a good person he's an extremely efficient and hard worker. I'll never use another heating/cooling company again.”

-Katie R.

“Very professional.Communication was great and was on time and knew what he was doing. All around a great company to work with and to have work for me."

-Anthony G.

“[Professionalism] Brian was on time in the window he gave, he was very friendly and knowledgeable, he completed the service quickly and got my heart back up and running, would definitely use him in the future“

-Gary B.

“Great experience! It is nice to know that you can still have great local businesses to count on. Was right on time, professional and went above and beyond my expectations. Definitely will recommend.”

-Bekki R.

“[prices were very reasonable] &Brian was able to come over and get my AC back up and running. The prices were very reasonable as well. I would highly recommend his company for and of your heating and cooling needs!!”

-Josh S.

“Very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. They diagnosed our problem, and replaced our A/C unit the next day.”

-Terry C.

“I am so happy with my service from Max at Bast. He came, diagnosed the problem, got the part and had it fixed all in 24 hours. He was professional and communicative in solving all the problems. One of the best service professionals I've dealt with.”

-Jamie P.

“Very happy with Brian and Max. My old furnace needed some repairs. Replaced 2 parts and checked everything out. Very reasonably priced. My house is nice and toasty, ready for winter. Thank you so much guys! Would definitely recommend Bast Heating and Cooling!“

-Kelly B.D.

“Brian is very professional, knowledgeable and prompt. We’ve needed him twice now, and it’s always a quick and easy experience from scheduling to fixing the issue. Thanks again!”

-Jessica R.H.

“Brian did a great job fixing my AC unit. Very dedicated to his customers!!”

-Erik A.

“Brian is quick to respond, very knowledgeable, reliable, and affordable and most important of all, he is HONEST! You can't go wrong hiring him.”

-Cindy F.